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Harper’s Island: Splashing On

Everyone on HI has become cannon fodder. The body count this week is the highest ever, leaving less than ten people to die in increasingly gruesome ways.

I think it’s safe to say that Wakefield was directly responsible for all five deaths this week. There was visual confirmation for Nikki and Cal, and I have no doubt he finished Shane off. Chloe let herself fall off the bridge to avoid being killed by him. Deputy Lillis’ death was wholly unobserved, but it certainly looks like Wakefield slit his throat before settling down to wait for the gang to arrive at the church.

Impending death sometimes brings out the best in people. Nikki and Shane stood out to defend the others. Cal and Chloe… that was pretty tragic, and made me want to give Wakefield a painful death, were I in the show with sufficiently good fortune to nab him.

Things now look very black for Jimmy as the potential Second Killer. He has been given convenient disappearances, a miraculous resuscitation, a police folder and ominous camera angles. Plus, JD’s declaration to Abby that it was “all about her” seems to indicate Jimmy, more than anyone else, especially after Sheriff Mills’ demise. But. Although I did previously say that he was beginning to ring some alarm bells, the multitude of soft evidence against him makes me determined to exonerate him. I think it fits the flavour of the show that it can’t be Jimmy simply because he is the most suspicious person now. 

Actually, I have a new theory… which is really the old theory. Why should we assume that the Second Killer is still alive? The fewer survivors there are, the lesser the need to have a partner in crime. When you have over twenty people to kill, an extra pair of hands will come in handy and give you an alibi. But when the numbers become manageable for one, then you cut the surplus. That has the additional benefit of spawning paranoia among your living victims, perhaps to the extent of them exterminating one another and saving you the trouble of getting your hands dirty. This was exactly the case in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

I might still be right about Maggie. Bwahahahaha.

To end this post, here are some of my other guesses:

  • Wakefield’s agenda is revenge. I think his goal is to incite Abby to kill him and thereby frame her for at least some of the other deaths.
  • I think the paranoia against Jimmy will increase and he will be mistakenly killed by someone other than Wakefield. This will make Abby hurt more and may incite her to attack whoever harms Jimmy.
  • I think Madison will survive. If I were the producer, I’d keep her as a link to the projected second season of Harper’s Whatever. She would have been the Woman With A Traumatic Past. Too bad there will not be a second season. I am sad to say this after being so enthusiastic about this show, but I think that’s just as well.

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Harper’s Island: The Body Count Escalates

It’s been weeks since I last had time or mood to blog about Harper’s Island. I missed one episode – the one in which Richard the cheating hubby got harpooned – because I was on call. The rest I have kept faith with.

I am pleased to note that the tone of the show has changed markedly. There are no more champagne-by-the-pool parties and the folks are much less blur about what’s happened to their friends. Things make more sense now.

Deaths since Richard’s spearing:

Malcolm – hacked from the back as he burnt the money that drove him to do crazy things. Then tossed into the furnace piece by piece (not shown, but filmed). I felt so sorry for him. He was watching his dreams burn along with that money, like a ritual sacrifice. I’m sure he felt responsible for Booth’s death. I think he was the one who suffered the most.

Deputy Garrett – shot while breaking up the brawl between Shane (Mr. Complete Arse) and JD. Practically anyone could have done this one.

Cole Harkin – also shot, but with two arrows. This was a strange kill, because why arrows? The murderer is already known to have expertise with guns, and the show’s creators have stressed that there is only one murderer. So now we know that the murderer is also an archer. Why call attention to oneself so unnecessarily?

JD – either stabbed or shot. I presume stabbed because I didn’t hear a gunshot. The strange thing about his death was Henry appearing behind Abby with his hands all bloodied. OK – if he’d stabbed JD, surely JD would have said so with his dying breath. If he hadn’t, then where’d the blood come from? From holding JD? Then why did he run off before Abby appeared? Argh.

Beth – there was nothing that her remains resembled so much as Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs. I think the killer simply  wanted Beth to be found in the most sadistic way possible, otherwise why bother chopping her up and stuffing her deep inside a tiny tunnel? Mind games.

Katherine – the killer must be awfully strong to have shoved a pair of shears right through a sofa and into her back.

So I suppose the killer must be someone who is a swimming (Ben), Herculean (Uncle Marty, Katherine), gun-sniping (Deputy Garrett), knife-wielding (JD)harpoonist(Richard)-cum-archer (Cole) pyromanic (Lucy, Malcolm) engineering whiz (Pastor, Hunter, Daddy Wellington) who is not too large (Beth) and has access to rope (Kelly).

Therefore, the killer must be Doctor Evil’s Mini-Me. Mwahahahaha.

Kidding. My money’s still on Maggie the innkeeper. In fact, the latest episode clinched it for me. After Abby found Madison the creepy poppet and returned her to the fold, there was this one-second shot of Madison smiling conspiratorially up at Maggie as she asked if she was OK. It was clear that whoever kidnapped Madison had no intent of hurting her. The girl had a decent room and bed, looked clean and calm, and had not been bound or smacked around. It is possible that Maggie is Madison’s ‘new friend’ and convinced her to join in some detective game to find Grandpa’s killer. Madison is known to tell lies when instructed by a trusted adult (like the time Richard told her to lie to the police), so I’m not quite convinced that it was really Sheriff Mills who took her.

For some reason, Jimmy’s ringing a few bells.

Who do I think will go next? Sully and Shane certainly deserve to, and I suspect he will soon. And maybe Danny (much as I like him) and Trish. We shall see.

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Rambling On My Seashell

My first post on my Asus Seashell, and at the same time that Prison Break is on. The guys have just stolen cop uniforms and badges, and infiltrated a police function to get some device from a VIP. As usual, there is an ‘oh shit’ moment happening every few minutes. The body count beats Harper’s Island hands down. But I have to say, I prefer the eye candy on this show. I think Wentworth Miller is totally cute, and looks a full decade younger than his actual age. Pity about his orientation. The other one I like is actually T-Bag, who’s a complete psychopath but most fascinating.

It’s probably not possible to blog sensibly in front of the TV, but it’s fun to be able to blog and watch simultaneously!

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Harper’s Island Episode 4

Before I talk about the show… I just stumbled onto a blog by Karim Zreik, co-executive producer of Harper’s Island. He is dubbed “The Assassin” because he’s the one who taps the cast members on the shoulder to tell them they’re gonna die this week. He also provides useful info on the show. One line on the blog says, “Twenty-five suspects, but only one killer among them”. There goes my two-murderer theory, mysterycanuck, but Igor theory still remains distinctly possible.

Other lessons learnt from this blog:

  • Cousin Ben was, indeed, Cousin Ben
  • Harry Hamlin as Uncle Marty was killed off early to show viewers that It Could Be Anyone

So on to Episode 4, titled Bang. I must say that I’m feeling a tad disappointed. Why the sudden addition of hocus-pocus in the form of Karena the psychic, Tarot cards and Madison’s spirits? I felt like I must have been watching Reaper by mistake. I’m starting to think that the murderer must be Madison, possessed by Wakefield’s vengeful spirit. After all, it looks like she knows more than anyone else.

The other let-down was the obligatory death in the episode. I’m sorry it had to be Booth, because I have a soft spot for sweet nerdy guys in specs. But it felt a little cheaterbuggy. It looks like Booth died because he shot himself accidentally. I feel like a heel saying this, but does that count as a kill? And many details were rather off. For one, shouldn’t he have been thrown back, or at least stumbled, from the impact of the shot? Instead, he was standing rock-steady. Secondly, he died a bit too quickly. Malcolm was applying pressure to the wound, which was the correct thing to do, and would have slowed the dying process. Thirdly, well, is the improbability of the whole thing. OK, I don’t exactly have the experience, but it’s not easy to  shoot yourself in the thigh while you’re standing. You’d have to reverse the gun onto yourself and pull the trigger, maybe with your thumb. It would be easier to shoot yourself in the foot. And then the timing of the scenes was huh-inducing. I didn’t quite get what was going on till the characters obligingly explained.

Maybe Booth didn’t really die? Maybe this is a red herring, a la Agatha Christie? Maybe he is X, and he faked his death to facilitate his subsequent killing spree?

As interesting as that may be, I don’t really think so. How could Booth have known that he was going to draw the short straw? How could he have known that Malcolm was going to follow him? How might he have prevented Malcolm if he’d tried to bury him or chuck his body over some cliff? In any case, he seemed genuinely terrified on the boat, in the hut and in the forest. No, I’m afraid the evidence points to Booth being genuinely dead, and to sloppy detailing on the show. Pity on both counts.

The bit that really made me tense was when Trish was stoning peacefully in the pool and the cover closed in quietly on her. I would hate to have to go like that. Somehow I don’t think that either Richard or Katherine did it. Their modus operandi is more subtle and underhanded. Blackmail yes, attempted bodily harm, less likely. I think someone tried to kill Trish for real.

Pointless aside: I think Shea is the most gorgeous girl on the island. Among the guys, Jimmy has my vote. He has this Milo Ventimiglia naughty-boy-with-heart-of-gold vibe. Not to mention a Jason Mraz-esque beanie.

So, clues and thoughts after Episode 4:

  • X does not want the wedding to happen. It was probably X who smashed the wedding china and tried to kill Trish. Maybe X did a Tarot reading for Madison, predicting that she would not be a flower girl. 
  • Trish used to work at the museum (previously mentioned, reiterated in Abby’s smooshed album). I’m not sure why this keeps cropping up. Maybe it will be important later.
  • Isn’t Robin creepy in this episode? Watching Abby’s close shave with Karena’s car and never turning a hair. Looks like she suspects Abby of something. 
  • The camera focused on someone’s prescription meds in Malcolm’s room. I couldn’t make out the details. They must have been either Malcolm’s or Booth’s. Anti-seasick pills? Drugs?
  • Lucky for Daddy Welllington, no one discovered his cheque in Hunter’s pocket. I can’t help wondering if the corpse will start floating as it would in real life.
  • I am hoping that Julia and Karena have some tangible, non-hocus-pocus connection to the murders. This is not a show that I want to see psychicism on.
  • Throwback to Episode 3: Kelly’s eyes were injected with red ink. That implies use of a needle and syringe, which are not things everyone would have. Possible needle/syringe owners would be doctors (Cal, coroner), tattooist (Shane) and druggies (Uncle Marty, probably JD or Kelly herself, in which case the injector was someone who knew her well enough).

Nothing dissuades me from keeping my money on Maggie as X. She would have had no problem smashing the wedding china, or closing the pool cover, or taping old articles to Abby’s mirror, or knowing which islander took IV drugs.

But… I’m starting to have niggling doubts. If the show can be careless on details, such as in Booth’s death, or the fact that NO ONE HAS MISSED LUCY YET, then maybe I’m reading too much into what I take to be ‘clues’. If Henry doesn’t start wondering where Booth is, I’m going to start considering this show a big let-down. If things don’t improve by the next episode, I’m not going to spend so much time on it anymore.

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Harper’s Island Episode 3

Right, time to get cracking on new Harper’s Island thoughts. I’m so glad to have the day off! This is a great way to keep myself happily occupied.

The latest victim on the show is Hunter Jennings, the smirky lothario ex-of-the-bride, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a TJ Hooker episode. I was getting a bit antsy as the show progressed toward the end with nary a body in sight.

Here goes: 

  1. I don’t think Daddy Wellington killed Hunter. X clearly kills with much pleasure and no compunction. If Daddy Wellington were X, I would have expected him to be only too pleased to off Hunter. He could have SMSed Hunter, arranging a post-party meeting in the middle of the forest, in order to silence him. Instead, Hunter’s body now bears a cheque from Wellington, with his signature, writing and fingerprints on it. It’s true that Hunter never opened the envelope, but Wellington behaved like he had no doubt he would live to cash the cheque.
  2. Hunter’s death puzzles me. The presence of the cash and gun (Marty’s, presumably- the gun reappearing sooner than I’d thought) suggests a set up. If Hunter were to be found with these things, he could have been framed for killing Marty, and possibly for being X. But the way Hunter died would leave no doubt that there was another murderer still at large. It would do nothing to throw people off X’s trail. So why bother planting the cash and gun? Why not save them to frame someone else?
  3. Why was Hunter’s blood splattering a Candlewick Inn plaque? Was the plaque on the boat? The gun? I couldn’t really tell. Wasn’t he staying at Pines Hotel? 
  4. Why kill Hunter anyway? He was going to leave. I think this is an important question. It boils down to who knew of his presence. Who knew how to rig a boat engine and a shotgun. The following knew he was on the island: Daddy Wellington, Trish, Henry, Shea, Beth, Ruth. Of the lot, Henry looks like the best choice. He had a motive no one else had – hate. And he’s cool with guns. All the same, I don’t think Henry killed Marty. Therefore, I think… two murderers. One who wanted to frame Hunter, another who simply wanted him dead.
  5. How come no one seems to have noticed Lucy’s absence? Surely she was expected at Trish’s dress fitting and the toasting party. It’s like she never existed. And where’s that horrible little dog? Did X shove it into the burning pit with Lucy? Or take it home as a new pet? Or as dinner?
  6. The priest too – he should have been missed by now. He seemed like an affable guy, the type who talked to his neighbours and had a routine around town. How come no one seems to have noticed his absence either? And he’s hanging decapitated a few steps from his house. No one smelt him? Neighbourhood dogs didn’t pick up the scent?
  7. Finally, the red ink. That, and the newspaper cutting, made it very clear that Kelly was murdered, and that Sheriff Mills was definitely being challenged to a come-and-catch-me game. Someone very much hung-up (ha ha) on Wakefield, so either a relative or a lover. The thing is, why did the note say ‘You found her, now find me’? Why her? Was it a reference to Kelly? It’s not as if her body was that difficult to find. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for the note to have said ‘You found him’, meaning Wakefield? As in, you caught the original murderer, let’s see if you can catch me? There’s something about the old murders we don’t know yet.

Enough speculation for one day. I need to go work on something else now. Cheers.

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Harper’s Island – Thoughts, Questions & Guesses

So I’m loving Harper’s Island because I am an Agatha Christie nut. I’ve watched the first two episodes and fully intend to continue following the rest. Here are some more of my thoughts on what’s gone on so far. As in a previous post, I think that there are multiple killers and that one of them is an islander and one of them is female. For ease of reference, however, I shall simply call the killer/s X and refer to him as male.

  1. X has a sadistic streak. Look at the first murder, of the guy strapped under the boat, kept alive by scuba gear till it was time for him to get pureed by the propeller. Why bother with the scuba gear? The only reason I can think of is to really frighten the victim before his inevitable end. That suggests that X had an agenda to punish. This, by the way, is highly suggestive of Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians. 
  2. I call the guy under the boat the guy under the boat because there’s no proof that he was actually Cousin Ben.
  3. The sadism shown by Madison toward the snail reflects the sadism of X toward his victims. X has some influence over Madison. Why did she tear the tag off the gift wine and run away with it?
  4. Uncle Marty had lots of cash and brought a gun wherever he went. He made a point of stressing that he was there to look out for Henry, and was mildly threatening toward Thomas Wellington. Could he have been a hired gun, so to speak? Was the money a down-payment? I say that gun is gonna make a reappearance.
  5. Uncle Marty’s murder was carefully concealed, to the point that someone sent Henry a post-mortem SMS from Marty’s handphone, to make it seem that he was alive and occupied. Why?
  6. On the other hand, Kelly’s murder was easily discovered. This must have been intentional. It would not have been too hard to lure her into the forest where most of the murders have taken place. Therefore, her body was meant to be found. The most obvious reason would be to incriminate JD. The most obvious suspect for this killing would be Abby, because she saw JD when she came to visit Kelly. But Kelly and JD were making out in a room with super-huge windows, so I suppose anyone could have seen them.
  7. I wonder about the timeline of events. The way the scenes are cut suggests that certain people could not have been the killer. For example, it looks as if Cal and the folks cutting him down must have been innocent of Lucy’s murder, because the two scenes look as if they happened concurrently. Similarly, the people who were witnessed to be at the scavenger hunt could not have been at the church to decapitate the poor priest. But could the timing have been a red herring?
  8. I also wonder about Cal. He seems to be the first ‘mistake’ X has made. So far, X has been meticulous about following up on people who have gotten trapped. Uncle Marty, Lucy and the priest didn’t have long to wait before they got killed. Also, Cal was the one who wanted to break from his group to go find Chloe. So… was his stringing up a way to give him an alibi while his accomplice continued killing?
  9. Speaking of Chloe, I find her suspicious because she’s the one who drew the attention of the girls to the previous murders. Also, she left her scavenger hunt group to look at John Wakefield’s tombstone. Yes, this may be because she simply likes this sort of thing. On the other hand, if she is one of the killers, she knows that she has nothing to fear, and can afford to show off her superior knowledge. Agatha Christie again: murderers are always arrogant. 
  10. What did X do with the bodies? If he’d left them there, surely they’d rot and attract animals. The priest was killed quite near the church; someone would have smelt him soon. As for Uncle Marty, X is being careful to create the illusion of him being alive, so he wouldn’t have been so silly as to risk a chance discovery of his half-corpse. But it takes much time and strength to dispose of so many bodies. Therefore, I still say at least two killers, probably one male and one female. 
  11. My list of favourite suspects: Maggie the innkeeper, either Henry or Jimmy, Cal, Chloe, maybe Richard Wellington. It’s always the quiet ones.

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Sunday Night TV

Last night was so miserably hot, I lacked the willpower to do anything besides lounge in front of the TV. Here’s what I saw:

First, the President’s Command Performance. Actually the reason I stuck with this was to watch Gabriel Ng play the violin. I knew Gabriel as a tiny tot, when he’d just started with lessons. Even at the age of four, he was awesome. He always took his time before launching into a piece, clutching at his little trousers to dry his hands one after the other, which made people laugh because he looked so cute. But the moment he started playing… wow. Even folks who had no interest in classical music would stop and watch in silence. He played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with the same intensity as he did the Wieniawski piece, with that big fringe flying at expressive moments, except of course it was baby hair when he was small.

I am biased, but I preferred his performance to Kam Ning’s, despite her impressive Gershwinesque arrangement of Amazing Grace. His level of absorption in the music almost precludes the need for additional techniques of showmanship. The way he plays is really about the music, and very little about self-demonstration. Plus, I’ve always liked his shy aw-shucks demeanour, which comes as a surprise, given his talent and intelligence. I must say that, in comparison, I found Kam Ning’s proclamation of feeling like a Greek goddess on Mount Olympus a turn-off. 

After the news, I used the S-Factor slot to go have a cool shower. I’d tried to give the show a chance last week, but after I saw two pretty bikini’d girls trying to be polite about applying plates of cream to each other, with an offscreen guy screaming, “Smash boobs! Smash boobs!”, I kinda gave up. There are people who like this type of thing and people who get indignant about this type of thing. As for me, I just wish that this show would stop getting in the way of my Harper’s Island.

Harper’s Island… now that’s my type of thing. Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians was always one of my favourites, and here’s a show that seems quite similar. In essence, there is a party that boats to Harper’s Island for a snazzy week-long celebration of Henry and Trish’s wedding. The island was previously the site of several murders seven years ago, and the purported murderer was shot and killed. All the same, the murders are starting again. People die in every episode, often in gory ways (Lucy – dropped into a pit and set on fire; Uncle Marty – lower half of body severed), and the identity of the murderer is a mystery.

It’s only the second (out of thirteen – how apt) episode so far, and I don’t think it’s possible yet to deduce whodunnit. However, here are some of my guesses:

  • Abby (the Good Girl) will stay alive till the last episode, otherwise the show will lose direction
  • Trish will probably die, as will most of the bridesmaids and best men
  • Either Henry or Jimmy (Abby’s ex) will die, but not so soon, as someone needs to act as Abby’s ally
  • JD and Shane, the weirdo nasties, are unlikely to be the main villain X, but will be manipulated or recruited by X, and then slaughtered in horrific manners
  • Probably ditto for Thomas (the bride’s snob father) and Katherine (his second wife) Wellington
  • There will be more than one villain – either X will have help, or there are two independent murderers 
  • One of the villains will turn out to be an islander
  • X is someone who seems low-key and plain-vanilla, like Maggie (the inn manager)
  • X is Madison’s (the creepy kid) “new friend”, which suggests a woman and eliminates Madison’s parents, grandparents and Trish as X
  • X has Uncle Marty’s gun and will use it, possibly framing Marty, as someone has taken pains to send Henry an SMS from Marty’s phone, making it look as if Marty is still alive
  • Marty and Cal (the Brit chap) Know (in Marty’s case, Knew) Something… OK, that’s pretty lame, but it’s just a feeling

I will be staying tuned.

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