Metal staples ain’t for eating, boys n’ girls

December 16, 2009 at 22:59 4 comments

Now that I’m back to civilization, here’s a few pictures that I took while waiting for my op.
My room, with the magic touch-screen terminal. It lets you surf the Internet, watch TV, listen to the radio and talk to your nurse who’s five metres outside your door. The wonders of modern technology.
My first time in hospital PJs. You do not get to see my face because it looked terrible.
The robe I was gonna wear to go for the op. Yes, the kind that is open at the back. No, there are no pictures of me in it.
My very first intravenous plug. It is a TERRIBLE thing. The back of my left hand is still green.

And what was it that was causing all the hoo-ha? It was indeed a metal staple-like thing, black and two centimetres long. Observe:

My souvenir of the day. It makes a tinkly sound when you shake the bottle.

Evidently I need to chew my food better.

The process of getting the awful thing out remains a mystery to me, because I had to go under general anesthesia (i.e. sleep) to do a rigid scope to locate and remove it. I’d never been under GA before, but now I can tell you that it feels like this: one moment you’re blinking up at the OT lights; the next, instantaneous fast forward by some two hours.

And then I realized that while I was sans staple-like thing, I was also sans tip of right upper canine.


So I spent most of Friday still hanging around the hospital, waiting to see the dentist. He filled in the chipped-off portion nicely, but told me that because the canine is a load-bearing tooth, and the filling was basically clinging to the tooth like the tip of an icicle, there was a good chance that it would fall off one day.

Big sigh. So much crap just because of one small staple-like thing.

In other news, Mr. Manx’s vehicle, in a remarkable display of empathic camaraderie, picked up a nail in its left front tire yesterday. It, too, required a procedure to extract the offending metal prong.


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  • 1. kel  |  December 19, 2009 at 02:02

    heeeeeeee… the car portion is farney. i always feel, what are the chances. the kangoo suffered that once too early this year. like super major sighhh. very then sian-ji-buah. so how? had to get tow truck help?

    • 2. Katie  |  December 19, 2009 at 11:18

      No, it’s not like the car stopped working or produced any funny sounds. What happened was that Mr. Manx, in his car-philiac style, sensed that there was “something wrong” with it, maybe pulling to the left a tad more than usual. I certainly didn’t detect any difference as the passenger. It took some close inspection to reveal the presence of the nail. I’ve always thought that your bro should be in Heroes; his secret power would be vehicular affinity. ;)

      • 3. kel  |  December 20, 2009 at 01:23

        i think it’s cos of his paranoid streak.

        i just realized i forgot to tell u guys to come watch me carol. finish liao. sighh.. /:

      • 4. Katie  |  December 20, 2009 at 12:07

        Aiyah, that’s a pity. Was it these couple days though? Cos he’s in Ipoh anyway, coming back tonight.

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