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Used to be that I had difficulty believing my nurses and counter staff when they told me that so-and-so patient’s relative was a complete arse. In general, I found relatives to be on the OK side of the fence. Now I know that people choose who they want to be nice to. Here’s an example of that. 

Phone rings. Hospital operator’s number shows on phone.

Me: Yeah, wassup?

Operator: Sorry, Dr. Katie, I know this is probably a bad time and you’re really busy, but Patient X’s relative is looking for you. Shall I tell her you can’t speak to her?

Me: (thinks: eh? Usually they’re not half as enthusiastic about turning away callers) Er, actually I do have a moment. Perhaps you could put her through after all.

Operator: (sounding disappointed) Oh. Uh. OK then, please hold, I’ll put her through.

Relative: Hello? Hello?

Me: Hello?

Relative: Hello? Hello?

Me: Yes?

Relative: HELLO? HELLO?

Me: (thinks: what the bloody heck is wrong with this woman?) Yes. Hello. How may I help you?

Relative: (really lets rip) Whaddaya mean how can you help me?! I just told my story to the operator and you’re asking me to repeat it all over again?! What for?! Who are you?!

Me: (allows an ominous pause) I. Am. Dr. Katie.

Relative: (pauses too) Oh. (complete change of tone) Oh. Dr. Katie. (takes on the tone of a civilized human being) So sorry, didn’t realize it was you.

I suppose it must be true what they say about the real measure of a person being taken by how they treat people who they don’t actually need to be nice to.


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