Harper’s Island: Splashing On

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Everyone on HI has become cannon fodder. The body count this week is the highest ever, leaving less than ten people to die in increasingly gruesome ways.

I think it’s safe to say that Wakefield was directly responsible for all five deaths this week. There was visual confirmation for Nikki and Cal, and I have no doubt he finished Shane off. Chloe let herself fall off the bridge to avoid being killed by him. Deputy Lillis’ death was wholly unobserved, but it certainly looks like Wakefield slit his throat before settling down to wait for the gang to arrive at the church.

Impending death sometimes brings out the best in people. Nikki and Shane stood out to defend the others. Cal and Chloe… that was pretty tragic, and made me want to give Wakefield a painful death, were I in the show with sufficiently good fortune to nab him.

Things now look very black for Jimmy as the potential Second Killer. He has been given convenient disappearances, a miraculous resuscitation, a police folder and ominous camera angles. Plus, JD’s declaration to Abby that it was “all about her” seems to indicate Jimmy, more than anyone else, especially after Sheriff Mills’ demise. But. Although I did previously say that he was beginning to ring some alarm bells, the multitude of soft evidence against him makes me determined to exonerate him. I think it fits the flavour of the show that it can’t be Jimmy simply because he is the most suspicious person now. 

Actually, I have a new theory… which is really the old theory. Why should we assume that the Second Killer is still alive? The fewer survivors there are, the lesser the need to have a partner in crime. When you have over twenty people to kill, an extra pair of hands will come in handy and give you an alibi. But when the numbers become manageable for one, then you cut the surplus. That has the additional benefit of spawning paranoia among your living victims, perhaps to the extent of them exterminating one another and saving you the trouble of getting your hands dirty. This was exactly the case in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

I might still be right about Maggie. Bwahahahaha.

To end this post, here are some of my other guesses:

  • Wakefield’s agenda is revenge. I think his goal is to incite Abby to kill him and thereby frame her for at least some of the other deaths.
  • I think the paranoia against Jimmy will increase and he will be mistakenly killed by someone other than Wakefield. This will make Abby hurt more and may incite her to attack whoever harms Jimmy.
  • I think Madison will survive. If I were the producer, I’d keep her as a link to the projected second season of Harper’s Whatever. She would have been the Woman With A Traumatic Past. Too bad there will not be a second season. I am sad to say this after being so enthusiastic about this show, but I think that’s just as well.

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