Harper’s Island: The Body Count Escalates

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It’s been weeks since I last had time or mood to blog about Harper’s Island. I missed one episode – the one in which Richard the cheating hubby got harpooned – because I was on call. The rest I have kept faith with.

I am pleased to note that the tone of the show has changed markedly. There are no more champagne-by-the-pool parties and the folks are much less blur about what’s happened to their friends. Things make more sense now.

Deaths since Richard’s spearing:

Malcolm – hacked from the back as he burnt the money that drove him to do crazy things. Then tossed into the furnace piece by piece (not shown, but filmed). I felt so sorry for him. He was watching his dreams burn along with that money, like a ritual sacrifice. I’m sure he felt responsible for Booth’s death. I think he was the one who suffered the most.

Deputy Garrett – shot while breaking up the brawl between Shane (Mr. Complete Arse) and JD. Practically anyone could have done this one.

Cole Harkin – also shot, but with two arrows. This was a strange kill, because why arrows? The murderer is already known to have expertise with guns, and the show’s creators have stressed that there is only one murderer. So now we know that the murderer is also an archer. Why call attention to oneself so unnecessarily?

JD – either stabbed or shot. I presume stabbed because I didn’t hear a gunshot. The strange thing about his death was Henry appearing behind Abby with his hands all bloodied. OK – if he’d stabbed JD, surely JD would have said so with his dying breath. If he hadn’t, then where’d the blood come from? From holding JD? Then why did he run off before Abby appeared? Argh.

Beth – there was nothing that her remains resembled so much as Hansel and Gretel’s trail of breadcrumbs. I think the killer simply  wanted Beth to be found in the most sadistic way possible, otherwise why bother chopping her up and stuffing her deep inside a tiny tunnel? Mind games.

Katherine – the killer must be awfully strong to have shoved a pair of shears right through a sofa and into her back.

So I suppose the killer must be someone who is a swimming (Ben), Herculean (Uncle Marty, Katherine), gun-sniping (Deputy Garrett), knife-wielding (JD)harpoonist(Richard)-cum-archer (Cole) pyromanic (Lucy, Malcolm) engineering whiz (Pastor, Hunter, Daddy Wellington) who is not too large (Beth) and has access to rope (Kelly).

Therefore, the killer must be Doctor Evil’s Mini-Me. Mwahahahaha.

Kidding. My money’s still on Maggie the innkeeper. In fact, the latest episode clinched it for me. After Abby found Madison the creepy poppet and returned her to the fold, there was this one-second shot of Madison smiling conspiratorially up at Maggie as she asked if she was OK. It was clear that whoever kidnapped Madison had no intent of hurting her. The girl had a decent room and bed, looked clean and calm, and had not been bound or smacked around. It is possible that Maggie is Madison’s ‘new friend’ and convinced her to join in some detective game to find Grandpa’s killer. Madison is known to tell lies when instructed by a trusted adult (like the time Richard told her to lie to the police), so I’m not quite convinced that it was really Sheriff Mills who took her.

For some reason, Jimmy’s ringing a few bells.

Who do I think will go next? Sully and Shane certainly deserve to, and I suspect he will soon. And maybe Danny (much as I like him) and Trish. We shall see.


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