Harper’s Island Episode 3

April 28, 2009 at 00:06 2 comments

Right, time to get cracking on new Harper’s Island thoughts. I’m so glad to have the day off! This is a great way to keep myself happily occupied.

The latest victim on the show is Hunter Jennings, the smirky lothario ex-of-the-bride, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a TJ Hooker episode. I was getting a bit antsy as the show progressed toward the end with nary a body in sight.

Here goes: 

  1. I don’t think Daddy Wellington killed Hunter. X clearly kills with much pleasure and no compunction. If Daddy Wellington were X, I would have expected him to be only too pleased to off Hunter. He could have SMSed Hunter, arranging a post-party meeting in the middle of the forest, in order to silence him. Instead, Hunter’s body now bears a cheque from Wellington, with his signature, writing and fingerprints on it. It’s true that Hunter never opened the envelope, but Wellington behaved like he had no doubt he would live to cash the cheque.
  2. Hunter’s death puzzles me. The presence of the cash and gun (Marty’s, presumably- the gun reappearing sooner than I’d thought) suggests a set up. If Hunter were to be found with these things, he could have been framed for killing Marty, and possibly for being X. But the way Hunter died would leave no doubt that there was another murderer still at large. It would do nothing to throw people off X’s trail. So why bother planting the cash and gun? Why not save them to frame someone else?
  3. Why was Hunter’s blood splattering a Candlewick Inn plaque? Was the plaque on the boat? The gun? I couldn’t really tell. Wasn’t he staying at Pines Hotel? 
  4. Why kill Hunter anyway? He was going to leave. I think this is an important question. It boils down to who knew of his presence. Who knew how to rig a boat engine and a shotgun. The following knew he was on the island: Daddy Wellington, Trish, Henry, Shea, Beth, Ruth. Of the lot, Henry looks like the best choice. He had a motive no one else had – hate. And he’s cool with guns. All the same, I don’t think Henry killed Marty. Therefore, I think… two murderers. One who wanted to frame Hunter, another who simply wanted him dead.
  5. How come no one seems to have noticed Lucy’s absence? Surely she was expected at Trish’s dress fitting and the toasting party. It’s like she never existed. And where’s that horrible little dog? Did X shove it into the burning pit with Lucy? Or take it home as a new pet? Or as dinner?
  6. The priest too – he should have been missed by now. He seemed like an affable guy, the type who talked to his neighbours and had a routine around town. How come no one seems to have noticed his absence either? And he’s hanging decapitated a few steps from his house. No one smelt him? Neighbourhood dogs didn’t pick up the scent?
  7. Finally, the red ink. That, and the newspaper cutting, made it very clear that Kelly was murdered, and that Sheriff Mills was definitely being challenged to a come-and-catch-me game. Someone very much hung-up (ha ha) on Wakefield, so either a relative or a lover. The thing is, why did the note say ‘You found her, now find me’? Why her? Was it a reference to Kelly? It’s not as if her body was that difficult to find. Wouldn’t it have made more sense for the note to have said ‘You found him’, meaning Wakefield? As in, you caught the original murderer, let’s see if you can catch me? There’s something about the old murders we don’t know yet.

Enough speculation for one day. I need to go work on something else now. Cheers.

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  • 1. mysterycanuck  |  April 29, 2009 at 01:43

    #1 and 2: I agree that Daddy Wellington did not kill Hunter; if he had set the booby trap, would he have left the bag of cash lying around? I think not. With respect to #2, I think the bag of cash was left there as the only clue that would link Daddy Wellington to Hunter’s death, thereby providing misdirection away from the real murderer. I think the officials are meant to think that Daddy Wellington had been being blackmailed by Marty, and that Hunter had taken over the blackmail and simply received the bag that Daddy had retrieved from Marty after killing him. And that Daddy had been stupid enough to not somehow retrieve the bag of money. Whereas in reality the real murderer retrieved the bag of money after Marty’s death and saved it in order to drag in Daddy at the right moment. Daddy is, generally speaking, the only person who could come up with $50K in cash (his wife might, through him, but he’s the only one with that kind of money).
    #3 — I think the plaque was on the boat, and the boat was borrowed from the Inn, and that Maggie, the proprietor of the Inn, is the murderer who both loaned him the boat and set the booby trap. As I gather from your comment on my blog that we both think she is the murderer. I think she used the boat to get to/from the mainland to kill cousin Ed, and I think she has a boat stashed away that no one knows about — because the Candlewick Inn, as we’re told, dates back to Prohibition times, so that means at least one secret passage and one secret mooring for Canadian rum-runners. I also think that little notes on Candlewick Inn stationery could come from anyone staying in the hotel — it’s the person who delivers them who interests me, and I think that’s Maggie every time.
    #4 — I’ll suggest that Hunter was killed because Maggie knew of his involvement with the wedding party — she certainly could have known that he was on the island — and thought it was a good way to drag some red herrings across her trail. Her motive was to involve others who had a motive to kill Hunter.
    #5 and 6; I have no idea why people haven’t noticed these two disappearances, and that of Cousin Ed (who’s still under that boat, for all we know), and either half of Uncle Marty hasn’t popped up somewhere. I think all these bodies will be discovered at once. But I think it’s about the most unrealistic thing that’s happened thus far. If the sheriff doesn’t get right onto finding these people, I’ll be very, very suspicious.
    7. I agree, Sheriff Mills is definitely being challenged to a come-and-catch-me game, which leads me to believe that the murderer is mentally unhinged (I mean, more than the usual person who kills another is unhinged — I mean looney-toons unhinged). Sensible relatively sane murderers do not taunt crime investigators. I also think that this makes it clear that the murderer is capable of and willing to leave false clues as well as true ones deliberately at crime scenes, so future crime scenes might contain false clues. There is no point to the red ink — I think it’s kind of a signature for the killer.

    Thanx, Manx; you and I are the only ones who seem to be giving this real thought rather than just intuitively pointing fingers at various characters. I’ll look forward to seeing your further thoughts.

    • 2. Katie  |  April 29, 2009 at 13:31

      Wow, you’ve obviously given this much careful thought! Thank you for sharing your ideas! I can see your point about Hunter’s death as a set-up for Daddy Wellington. I particularly like the idea of X making other people look guilty, because that will be a useful plot device when the numbers really start to dwindle (a la Agatha Christie – is it him? is it her? who can i trust?). Though I hope Sheriff Mills sees through it! Surely Wellington wouldn’t have been SO stupid if he had been the real murderer – there’s a signed and fingerprinted cheque from him in the victim’s pocket. I would like to see what happens when (or if) Hunter’s body is found. My guess is that X will keep Sheriff Mills alive till then because I don’t see anyone else with the training and equipment to fingerprint/ID Marty’s gun and bag. I’d like to see what you think about future episodes too! :)


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