Harper’s Island – Thoughts, Questions & Guesses

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So I’m loving Harper’s Island because I am an Agatha Christie nut. I’ve watched the first two episodes and fully intend to continue following the rest. Here are some more of my thoughts on what’s gone on so far. As in a previous post, I think that there are multiple killers and that one of them is an islander and one of them is female. For ease of reference, however, I shall simply call the killer/s X and refer to him as male.

  1. X has a sadistic streak. Look at the first murder, of the guy strapped under the boat, kept alive by scuba gear till it was time for him to get pureed by the propeller. Why bother with the scuba gear? The only reason I can think of is to really frighten the victim before his inevitable end. That suggests that X had an agenda to punish. This, by the way, is highly suggestive of Agatha Christie’s 10 Little Indians. 
  2. I call the guy under the boat the guy under the boat because there’s no proof that he was actually Cousin Ben.
  3. The sadism shown by Madison toward the snail reflects the sadism of X toward his victims. X has some influence over Madison. Why did she tear the tag off the gift wine and run away with it?
  4. Uncle Marty had lots of cash and brought a gun wherever he went. He made a point of stressing that he was there to look out for Henry, and was mildly threatening toward Thomas Wellington. Could he have been a hired gun, so to speak? Was the money a down-payment? I say that gun is gonna make a reappearance.
  5. Uncle Marty’s murder was carefully concealed, to the point that someone sent Henry a post-mortem SMS from Marty’s handphone, to make it seem that he was alive and occupied. Why?
  6. On the other hand, Kelly’s murder was easily discovered. This must have been intentional. It would not have been too hard to lure her into the forest where most of the murders have taken place. Therefore, her body was meant to be found. The most obvious reason would be to incriminate JD. The most obvious suspect for this killing would be Abby, because she saw JD when she came to visit Kelly. But Kelly and JD were making out in a room with super-huge windows, so I suppose anyone could have seen them.
  7. I wonder about the timeline of events. The way the scenes are cut suggests that certain people could not have been the killer. For example, it looks as if Cal and the folks cutting him down must have been innocent of Lucy’s murder, because the two scenes look as if they happened concurrently. Similarly, the people who were witnessed to be at the scavenger hunt could not have been at the church to decapitate the poor priest. But could the timing have been a red herring?
  8. I also wonder about Cal. He seems to be the first ‘mistake’ X has made. So far, X has been meticulous about following up on people who have gotten trapped. Uncle Marty, Lucy and the priest didn’t have long to wait before they got killed. Also, Cal was the one who wanted to break from his group to go find Chloe. So… was his stringing up a way to give him an alibi while his accomplice continued killing?
  9. Speaking of Chloe, I find her suspicious because she’s the one who drew the attention of the girls to the previous murders. Also, she left her scavenger hunt group to look at John Wakefield’s tombstone. Yes, this may be because she simply likes this sort of thing. On the other hand, if she is one of the killers, she knows that she has nothing to fear, and can afford to show off her superior knowledge. Agatha Christie again: murderers are always arrogant. 
  10. What did X do with the bodies? If he’d left them there, surely they’d rot and attract animals. The priest was killed quite near the church; someone would have smelt him soon. As for Uncle Marty, X is being careful to create the illusion of him being alive, so he wouldn’t have been so silly as to risk a chance discovery of his half-corpse. But it takes much time and strength to dispose of so many bodies. Therefore, I still say at least two killers, probably one male and one female. 
  11. My list of favourite suspects: Maggie the innkeeper, either Henry or Jimmy, Cal, Chloe, maybe Richard Wellington. It’s always the quiet ones.

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